Cable Bahamas Works with Clearcable to Help Continuously Improve Customer Service

February 23, 2017

Press Release

Customer service is a priority for Cable Bahamas.

A 100 percent Bahamian-owned company, Cable Bahamas has provided cable TV services
since 1995 and expanded into internet services in 2000. In 2011, they forged a long distance
relationship with Canadian company Clearcable to support their continuous improvement efforts
on the DOCSIS cable modem and fiber optic networks. The organizations have continued to
foster that relationship.

Clearcable provides telecommunications network design, planning, maintenance and
management services specifically for broadband voice, data, and video implementations.

“Clearcable was recommended to us,” said Marvin Storr, the Director of Network and
Telecommunications at Cable Bahamas. “They came in, did the initial audit, and made some
suggestions. After one day, we found them to be so forward thinking, and the impact was so
great, that we decided to engage them on a continual, perpetual-support contract.”

“Their attention was very personalized and we benefitted from very open channels of
communication. Once we had that experience with the Clearcable team, we decided to take it
one step further.”

Today, Clearcable supports Cable Bahamas with video, Internet, IP voice services and network

“We’re really just an extension of their team, we just happen to be over 2000 kilometres away,”
said Ryan McCann, President of Clearcable Connects.

Clearcable provides its clients, who they view as partners, with industry feedback, the latest
trends, and strategic advice on direction and services. They are in constant dialogue with their
partners on how to build the network from access to core to deliver the types of services that
Cable Bahamas wants its customers to have.

McCann added the relationship has been a positive one for both sides and emphasizes that
Cable Bahamas has a great culture.

“Our teams work well together,” he said. “Everybody at Cable Bahamas just wants what is best
for the customer. They have a culture of continuous improvement. It’s great to work with a
company where a positive culture is important to everyone, from upper management to the most
junior employee.”

Cable Bahamas, a company with a staff of 500 people, is the market leader in the video, voice
and data businesses.

In 2011 Cable Bahamas became the first triple play provider in the Bahamas by offering TV,
Internet and phone services at affordable, bundled prices through its ​REV ​suite of products –

The company boasts 80,000 cable subscribers, 55,000 broadband customers and 27,000 voice
subscribers. In October 2016 Cable Bahamas entered the mobile business and has already
established a 10 percent market share.

“The partnership with Clearcable allowed us to do things that we were not able to do before,”
said Storr, a 15-year employee with Cable Bahamas. “After the first upgrade we had the fastest
speed in the Bahamas.”

“Their support means we were able to focus on our business, which is taking care of our
customers. We have a team of five engineers so the support from Clearcable allows us to
respond more quickly to issues. We can roll out our new products services in less time.”

Cable Bahamas’ primary service to residents is the DOCSIS cable modem service and the
company also offers fiber to businesses and homes. Upgrades are ongoing and Cable
Bahamas has invested over $400 million into the network build.

“It’s been a fantastic experience,” said McCann.

From a financial standpoint, Storr credits Clearcable with finding the ‘sweet spot’ to make the
partnership feasible.

“From the beginning we positioned it with our clients that you can hire a single employee or you
can hire us for about the same cost and get a whole team whose members are really strong in a
numerous areas,” said McCann. “People have really bought into the concept of support

Storr enthusiastically recommends Clearcable.

“Clearcable is small enough to be able to provide the personalized touch that you need, and
large enough to give you great service. We’re looking forward to expanding with them.”

Clearcable continues to expand internationally.

“There will be more companies like Cable Bahamas for us, but having the opportunity to help
with their success was an important step for us” says McCann.