The Public Record Radio Show : Clearcable's view on Digital Hamilton

November 24, 2016

Press Release



On Wednesday November 23rd, 2016 – Rob McCann, founder and President of Clearcable Networks, had the privilege to discuss Hamilton Ontario’s Digital Infrastructure on Hamilton’s community radio station 93.3FM CFMU with host from, Joey Coleman.

McCann spoke alongside Chris Moore, the former Chief Information Officer at the City of Edmonton, and Keanin Loomis, the president and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

Together, they discussed the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s new Digital Hamilton Task Force” and what’s needed to move Hamilton’s digital economy forward.

McCann believes that the current approach is appropriate. The Mayor’s Task Force is looking at how to advance the digital strategy for the entire City and the Chamber of Commerce’ Digital Hamilton Task Force is looking at requirements from the private sector side. The two will, in time converge, and come up with what McCann believes to be “the right long term strategy for investments in the city that are going to advance capacity and infrastructure.”

Collectively, McCann, Moore and Loomis agree that a collaborative effort needs to continue to be undertaken to make the right decisions so that both the public and private sector partners are engaged.

Moore said “Rob is right. We have to do a better job at figuring out how we leverage that infrastructure, how we create equity, and how we make sure that people across the whole city have access [to the network].”

Coleman proceeds to ask “Is Public Wi-Fi something that should have a role in digital Hamilton?”

McCann’s perspective on free public Wi-Fi for the sake of free public Wi-Fi is that“it isn’t really sensible”. He adds the ICF perspective of public Wi-Fi as being an integral part of an intelligent community within a broader strategy of digital inclusion.

“If you approach it in that fashion, as an enterprise that is going to help the development of the city, then public Wi-Fi makes a ton of sense,” McCann comments.

Overall, the collaboration and cooperation of government and private sector in Hamilton can be expected to yield results that will improve Hamilton’s position as an ICF Smart21 Intelligent Community.

To listen to the full conversation, click the link below: