Successful Telecom Metro Communications Recognizes the Like-Minded Value of Clearcable's Technology Support Services

October 18, 2017

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Successful Telecom Metro Communications Recognizes the Like-Minded Value of Clearcable’s Technology Support Services

Metro Communications Company, Inc, and Clearcable share the same values when it come to customer service.

Metro Communications is a successful full service, facility based provider of dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet and IP services across a 2,500 mile fiber network in downstate Illinois. President Zak Horn acquired the company in 2000 at the age of 21 and built their success around a passion for delivering high quality customer service in underserved rural markets.

Metro is passionate about partnering with like-minded vendors who also value service and efficiency, and Horn says they have received considerable value from Clearcable’s technology support services over the past year.

“We definitely made the right decision going with Clearcable to help us integrate our cable systems,” said Horn. “We are way ahead. We’re acquiring more systems and Clearcable is doing a really great job helping us integrate those too.”

Horn discovered the Hamilton, Canada based company in July 2016 in his search for specialised cable and telecommunication expertise.  After a thorough evaluation of Clearcable’s references, Metro contracted Clearcable to execute an audit of the DOCSIS cable modem system. That audit was completed in August 2016.

“We’re a lean company with not quite 60 staff,” said Horn, “we don’t have time to spend on things that we don’t have the expertise in, Clearcable really seemed to understand us and shared our same drive for customer service.

“We have a considerable amount of network in central Illinois, though we’re primarily a wholesale provider; we’re not a legacy cable provider. The systems we acquired were in bankruptcy or in need of upgrades and capex.”

Adam Ross Hill, the Director of Technical Operations for Clearcable was in charge of the audit.

“The services these systems offered and delivered subscribers were much slower than the overall industry,” remembered Hill. “We looked at the implementation and immediately made recommendations on how to quickly provide faster speeds.”

Moreover, none of the services were provisioned or managed in-house. “That summer, Zak agreed to implement our premises-based operator-owned provisioning and telephony offerings,” said Hill.  “We are able to effectively execute a meticulous migration plan that gave them complete control of the system.” It was really an important step to repatriate the system and take control of the customer experience.

Metro warned Clearcable that the transition could be a tough one. “We had no records to provide, so Clearcable had their work cut out for them,” said Horn. “It took more effort than they budgeted, but they always had a great attitude and they just kept working, to meet our goals. Those Clearcable guys are relentless.”

Hill, who has over twelve years experience in this field, and his team routinely execute network audits and upgrades, so the group doesn’t get flustered with issues or setbacks. “Because we have the expertise in house, we can show our customers what the plan looks like in short term and long term,” added Hill. “We’re talking on a biweekly basis, always trying to make it better, to get them further along. We strive to get them to a point where they have a really great value system.”

Zak appreciates that support and drive, which is why he says he will always be a Clearcable customer. “After working with them for a year, I tell people in the industry who are looking for support, ‘I know what you need, and Clearcable is the company you need to call’.  I would never go anywhere else.”

Hill believes part of Clearcable’s success can be attributed to their customer-first mantra.

“We work beside them, we work as a team,” added Hill. “Working with such a passionate and driven professional group like Zak’s team, keeps our group motivated to achieve the vision they have for a better connected rural community.”

Clearcable hopes to continue bring its brand of integrity, reliability, and innovation to systems across the United States. With relevant industry references, expertise in DOCSIS and PON technologies, and a desire to provider great customer service, Clearcable helps build better broadband for communities of all sizes.

About Metro Communications Company, Inc.

Metro Communications is a facility based provider of wholesale telecommunications services including SIP and TDM voice, IP, transport, cellular backhaul, Ethernet/Layer 2 and wavelengths. In 2010 Metro Communications began construction on a 2500+ mile, middle mile network to provide Enterprise and Wholesale services throughout a 37 county area in Central Illinois. Vertically integrated, Metro manages all aspects of network construction and operation internally with a staff of 50 plus professionals.  We provide dark and lit access through a number of carrier POPs, Interconnects and splice points including 350 Cermak in Chicago. We work hard to provide robust and cost effective services to both national telcos and small independent operators and welcome the opportunity to build new relationships with customers and vendors alike.

About Clearcable

Clearcable is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm focused on the needs of service providers by developing new business revenue streams, maintaining existing infrastructure, and proposing new advancements in telecommunications sectors globally. Clearcable was founded in 2004 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada providing broadband and telephony consulting, implementation, and support services to cable and telephone companies. Clearcable is founded on the principles of integrity, reliability, and innovation. Clearcable provides assessment and strategy consulting, complex network architecture and high-level design, logical and physical design, implementation and network deployments, cabling, project management, training, and ongoing network management and support services.

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