Provides broadband deployment services to communities and telecommunications companies of all sizes. This business unit harbors the operational expertise in the latest broadband technologies including DOCSIS 3.1 and and includes a dedicated in-house software development team. Furthermore, this business unit provides recognized leadership the rapid deployment and management of flexible server architectures through the Clearcable Standard Operating Environment and expertise in the deployment and operation of IPv6.

  • Realization of Strategy;
  • Design, Build & Configure;
  • Implement, Operate, Maintain and Support;
  • Expand, Upgrade, Custom Development;
  • Provisioning, Data, Telephony, Email, Management;
  • Integrated Solutions.


Clearcable Connects Information Sheets:

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Technical Discovery and Facility Auditing

Multi-Homed Networks and BGP

Cartograph DOCSIS PNM

EasyMail Migration

IPv6 Transitional Appliance



WiFi Connected Communities



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