Clearcable Goes Virtual with Highfive

April 13, 2020


Clearcable is in full operation during the pandemic and supporting businesses remotely. Customer service and support are continuing as normal as we all work from home.

During this stressful time, many companies are evaluatingthe use of remote technology to host virtual meetings, either in addition to orin place of their in-person meetings.

As a company, Clearcable is highly team oriented and cohesively works together to give our clients high quality service. To stay better connected while being entirely remote, Highfive has been crucial to Clearcable staying unified.

Highfive is a conferencing platform with an simple user experience. Highfive has no limits on the number of meetings or minutes, which allows for more than one conference to be going at a time. Our virtual meetings have been very effective.

Daily meetings have been implemented to stay updated with one another, whether it be work related or on a personal level. Using Highfive, Clearcable will continue to conduct virtual meetings as the pandemic continues. We hope to see you virtually in the near future!